Responsible drinking is very important and Sol wishes to provide you with information, advice and suggestions so that you can enjoy sensibly the whole range of our products. We suggest that you read this page carefully.


Moderate drinking tied to meal times in a social atmosphere is quite traditional throughout Europe. This type of consumption, moderate, conscious, and responsible, is therefore quite compatible with people's personal and social life and indeed, in some cases, it may even improve the quality of their life.

Drinking without control, drinking at a wrong time and place and for the wrong reasons means drinking in a non-responsible way. Irresponsible use of alcohol can cause serious dangers to your health and safety and the society you live in. In some situations it's better not to drink at all. There are categories of people (children, teenagers, people who take certain medications, former alcoholics) in specific situations (work, driving) and life stages (pregnancy) in which the consumption of alcohol, although moderate, may still represent a danger.

In particular, the consumption of alcohol makes reaction times longer, reduces visual sharpness and can hinder coordination. When drinking alcohol, driving becomes increasingly inaccurate and you will be unable to deal with the unexpected. If you are pregnant, alcohol can go through the placenta and reach the fetus in a slightly less concentration than that present in the mothers system.

Alcohol ingested in large doses and for a long time alters the metabolism, affects blood pressure, affects the heart rhythm and can cause severe forms of poisoning, as well as liver damage such as cirrhosis, heart and nerve diseases and, ultimately, certain types of cancer.

It's very important to be aware of these dangers so that when you find yourself in these situations you can behave in an appropriate way in terms of the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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  1. Drinking without control; drinking in inappropriate time or place, for wrong motivations means drinking in an irresponsible way
  2. The abuse or misuse of alcohol can represent a risk to you and others.
  3. Drinking alcohol can have consequences on your health.
  4. The moderate dose of alcohol for men is equal to 2-3 units of alcohol per day * and 1-2 units of alcohol for women.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are for adults. Children and teenagers should not drink.
  6. Drinking during pregnancy can hurt the health of your child. If you are expecting a child alcohol can wait.
  7. If you must drive, do not drink. And, if you drink, let someone else drive. Avoid an unnecessary risk to you and others.
  8. Do not drink if you do a dangerous job that requires extreme care.
  9. Do you take drugs? Some drugs are not compatible with the consumption of alcohol. Ask your doctor before drinking.
  10. Drinking in moderation and consciously is a pleasure, compatible with a healthy lifestyle.